Day 4 Human Rights Festival Keep Kids Safe & Love the Greatest Gift


Children have the right to live in safety in their home, schools and communities. On Oleander Island,, we have a memorial dedicated to children everywhere who have been murdered or hurt by violence.  Visit for more info about rl charity. 







    • 11 am slt Patry Petrov – Live Music – OLEANDER





    • 12 noon slt Ricken Flow -DJ- OLEANDER





    •  1 pm slt Jano Runo – Live Music – OLEANDER





    • 2 pm slt Kitzie Lane – Live Music – OLEANDER
    • 3 pm slt Jaycee Slade – DJ – OLEANDER





    • 4 pm slt Al Hoffmann – Live Music – OLEANDER





    • 5 pm slt PMann Sands – Live Music – OLEANDER
    • 6 pm slt DJ HUSH  – OLEANDER
    • 7 pm slt Johnny Kidd – Comedian- OLEANDER
    • 8 pm slt Darrius Bereford – Live Music – OLEANDER
    • 9 pm slt Bassie Shelman – Live Music – OLEANDER

    7 pm SLT – Midnight – FSB Showcase: “Love is the Greatest Gift”

    Maximilion Kleene FSB HRF




    7 pm slt  Maximillion Kleene

    Joaquin Gustav HRF FSB




    • 7.30 pm slt – Joaquin Gustav





    8 pm slt Ayden Kruh

    • 8.30 pm slt Vladimir Lamont
    • 9 pm slt Peregrine Singh
    • 9.30 pm slt Enniv Zarf
    • 10 pm slt Franklee Anatra
    • 10.30 pm slt Jonas Lunasea
    • 11 pm slt OhMyKidd
    • 11.30 pm slt Freestar Tammas

    Freestar, Junivers and Medora at Love Most Precious Gift Showcase for HRF

    ~ by Medora Chevalier on 2008/12/13.

    One Response to “Day 4 Human Rights Festival Keep Kids Safe & Love the Greatest Gift”

    1. I went to the FSB Showcase and it was tremendous. Poor Cylindian was sick, but the organizers didn’t miss a beat and had Joaquin Gustav step in. It was well organized with great musicians; so, now I have no Lindens from all that tipping. lol

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