Schedule for 14th December – Peace Train

  • 7-9am slt Sammy Jacobs Abbey of the International Center for Conflict and Human Rights Analysis (ICCHRA) – by skype from Ghana –  The Wetlands
  • 9am slt – Fodie Crosby The Cafe, Port Spinoza
  • 10-11am slt Joaquin Gustav The Cafe, Port Spinoza
  • 11-12noon slt – Edward Kyomoon The Cafe, Port Spinoza
  • 12-1pm slt – Allister Westland The Cafe, Port Spinoza
  • 1-2pm slt – Pillowfish –  The Cafe, Port Spinoza
  • 2 pm slt – The Rings – Protest Rock Opera – NMC Labs
  • 3 pm slt – The Rings Discussion – Making a Difference to Human Rights through SL – NMC Labs
  • 4-5pm slt – Al Hofmann The Cafe, Port Spinoza
  • 5-6pm slt – Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth  The Cafe, Port Spinoza
  • 6-7pm slt-  Human Rights Discussion, Twilight’s Peace, Riverwalk Cetus
  • 7- 8pm slt Improvisational Piano with Enniv Zarf and artist Texanna Schumann Twilight’s Peace, Riverwalk Cetus
  • Also Poet’s Corner dedicated to poetry about human rights – led by Elborath Gelfand and Baji Bourjade – Literary Salon, Galadlas 

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