Schedule 12 December – New Caerleon

8am -10 am slt – UK Writers Guild and Bookstacks Poets and Writers Readings – New Caerleon

10am – 12 noon slt – Jano Runo- Live Music- New Caerleon

12 noon slt -Blair Blonde – Live Music – Gallery Zeusdinne

1pm slt TBD

2pm – 5pm slt Thumper Boucher – Live Music – New Caerleon

5pm – 6pm  slt OhMy Kidd – Live Music – New Caerleon

6pm – 8 pm slt ANGELNSKYZ GALICIA & DOUGIE MOONITES – Live Music – New Caerleon

8pm – 9pm & 10pm – midnight THOTH JANTZEN’S Incredible video experience -Beau Logemont

Also 1pm SLT Aira Jun- Live Concert – Mystic Academy, Matara

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