Hossain Zaman – Parandeh – held in detention :(

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From David Corn http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2009/07/hear-pop-singer-arrested-iran

One of those detainees appears to be Hossein Zaman, an Iranian pop singer. He appears on one list of detained Iranians. Various Twitter users have cited him as one of the many reformists detained. And a Tehran filmmaker tells me that he is still in prison. There’s little publicly available information—especially in English—about his arrest or current whereabouts.

Zaman, who once served in the Revolutionary Guard, has long identified with the forces for reform in Iran. An article that appeared in the Iranian Times in 2000 noted that Zaman had performed at “political events” for the reformists. In 2002, according to Agence France Presse, he blasted the country’s culture minister for not defending the rights of artists after he was blocked from performing near a shrine of a descendant of Mohammad. “It seems that certain people signed a petition during Friday prayers seeking to stop the concert,'” he told an Iranian newspaper, “and the judiciary thought it best to stop it.” The next year, according to AFP, Zaman ran for a city council position in Tehran. And his music has been banned from state-controlled radio and television.

Throughout his musical career, Zaman has received little, if any, attention outside Iran. But a YouTube search turns up a video posted in 2007 for a Zaman song called “Parandeh.”

Human Rights Abuses in Iran – stand in solidarity

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Gathering for 18 Tir at Four Bridges

Gathering for 18 Tir at Four Bridges

Musicians from Iran – We will Erase your Name

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Thursday 9 July Solidarity with Iranian People event in Second Life

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Four Bridges, Amnesty International-E and Support Iran collaborative event. This is all very last minute but I’m hoping that we can get a lot of people at Four Bridges to show our solidarity with the Iranian people. 18 Tir (July 9) is an important day.

More details of full day schedule tomorrow

Remembering Neda – poetry in Second Life

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Memorial for Neda and Iranian Democracy

To Neda

“I’m here. I also voted. And my vote wasn’t counted”

That day, the music singing in your head
You played so sweetly that your teacher said
“You will go far my dear”
And your name be known so far from here”.

You always were a girl with dreams.
You saw the skies of Paris, flowing streams
In other countries, the flights of fantasy:
A world ahead of you

You did one small thing,
A step about which we don’t even think,
You cast your vote and raised your voice
It was your future, You made a choice

Your voice was soft and low
Your love and sweetness  left to grow
Until the bullet, deep and slow
Cut your thread. The whole world knows.

Some say that spirits choose their life
A quiet life with family, wife.
The best choose more, to give their blood
If, through it, they will change the world.

What if you, bright spirit,  made this choice,
Prepared that your sweet face, known to the world
In showing marks of sluggish , bloody tracks
Forever tells us – Hear our voice!

Protests and Vigils in Second Life to Support Iranian Democracy

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Protest, concert and poetry reading at Four Bridges sim
Protest, concert and poetry reading at Four Bridges sim

Sea of Green – By Medora Chevalier 28.06.09

The beach was dry at first and hot

It burnt the feet that dared to stand

The rocks were sharp and pitiless

The blood of ripped soles spread along the strand.

Silent, scarce seen, the sea began to swell

The purest waters with slight fingers

Began their gentle probing of the edge

Of rocks, where ancient nature lingers

“Remember there is more than strength

And heat and hardness” ripples whispered

Remember there is love and sweetness too

Remember there is freedom!” The rocks blistered.

Yet still more waters came, more joining more

Waves foamy, shining, splashing

Flowing, life giving, laughing. Then

Huge waves upon hard rocks crashing.

The sea swelled in its glory

Glorious, the loveliest ever seen

All who saw were filled with wonder

From far and wide, a Sea of Green!

The rocks resisted. Made the waters break.

Their stony harshness left the waves to die

The waters falling trailed their tears behind them

The waters ebbing sounded soft their cries.

The tide turned once again, and deeper yet

It turned against the rocks and battered.

So many droplets, strong together, crashed

In power, the old rocks shattered!

The Sea of Green will shine more brightly

Spread far and wide through freedom’s land

And deep below, the fish will play

Where harsh rocks now lie smashed to sand.

Second Pride

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Festival begins in Second Life on 23rd May. Visit Four Bridges for all the information, T shirts and a kisok to help promote it.

Concert in SL this Sunday promorted the forthcoming festival. Despite rez problems Shannon and Russell played some mighty gigs. Photo pictures Russell minus guitar

Report on Second Song for Amnesty

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Second Song for Amnesty

Second Song for Amnesty

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ShannonAmnesty in SL has been holding a competition to choose a song. This will be released on a CD with the other entries and a machinima will be made. The winner was Shannon Oherilihy with her song The Test

Last chance to see

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Hermit Barber’s exhibition on censorship at the Women’s Center. This was the exhibition on war, financial crisis and environmental destruction that was censored from Burning Life.
Part of the Human Rights Festival.
Has to close at end of February

911 of the dollar

911 of the dollar