A new exhibition to visit: Human Rights Journey


at The Island of Discovery

For the 60th Anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, people all over the world are celebrating the hope it offers.

To honor this event, we invite you to join us on a journey to explore the meaning of this historic document and what human rights mean to you. 

You will find information and items to help you on your journey. All you need to bring is You. These items include maps, a bracelet with web-link, and candles.

An exhibit about the Witness program and The Hub that helps bring attention to the stories about human rights abuse, which was sponsored by The SL Virtual Tech Museum. Beginning the New Year with creating a place to continue to explore the meaning of human rights. One event is to leave a message on a candle, in an area designated as a Garden for Human Rights, where people could leave a special message about our rights and for someone they would like to honor. 



~ by Medora Chevalier on 2008/12/27.

3 Responses to “A new exhibition to visit: Human Rights Journey”

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  2. It is nice to celebrate this days and I am interested to join your day. So, I shallbe thankful to you if you send me an invitation so that I may join you and celebrate it. Thanks and best regards, Jagdish, President, National Human Rights Committee, Chandigarh (India)

    • Hello Jagdish. Nice to hear from you. We will be deciding what to do in 2009 but I know a lot of people would like us to repeat a virtual world festival around Human Rights day on 10 December. In the meantime we will be discussing what other related actions and festivals we will run in Second Life. For now the arts exhibits on this theme will be on display in the creative sandbox at angels nest in Second Life at least up to 20th January. You need to have a Second Life avatar to visit (free to make from http://www.secondlife.com). Then you can teleport direct to the area from one of the links on this website.

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