Artists and Exhibitions in the Human Rights Festival


  • Human Rights Festival Creative Sandbox Angel’s Nest
  • Reconstructing Humans by AuraKyo Insoo
  • Human Rights Arts Exhibition – New Caerleon – organised by Sabrinaa Nightfire 
  • Human Rights Reflections at Darkwood by Rhiannon Chatnoir
  • Journey to explore the meaning of Human Rights – Dancers Yao

  • Inside Out Jail – Tooter Claxton

  • Justice Fences Am Radio
  • Voice for the Voiceless – Filthy Fluno
  • Luna Box Gallery – eercheck Hicks

  • Martyrs of Truth – Dakila Lacava

  • Right to Shelter – Geni Figaro

  • Sky Sculptures – Ub Yufi


Exhibitions on Issues

  • Bridges – Buffy Beale

  • Gladje Refugees – Solace Island
  • Gone Gitmo – Nonny Writer & Ping Rau
  • This is not an invitation to Rape – Ledoof Constantineau
  • Wallsickness – Saliant Infinity

~ by Medora Chevalier on 2008/12/12.

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