Sims with HRF events and exhibitions

Aloft Non Profit Commons

Angels Nest

Benvolio – Carp

Better World – Baghdad Sts, Camp Darfur

Blessed – Spiritual Peacemakers

Black Rock


CRY – Bollywood Hills



Freestar Bay Isle – Love the Greatest Gift festival

Galahad –

Halve Maen

International Island

Isla Montevideo

Justice Commons  

Marvellous  Create a Universal Language


Network Culture

New Caerleon  

NMC Labs

Oculea – Second Life Left Unity

Oleander – Keeping Kids Safe


Plush Non Profit Commons 

Robben Island – Uthango™

Social Enigma – Amnesty International

Solace Island 

Spinoza South – Peace Train

Spirit City – Mystic Academy


Twilight Peace – Cetus

Ub Yifu Sculptures

Union Island 

Virtual Native Lands, Beit Thaqafa

Women’s Center


~ by Medora Chevalier on 2008/12/07.

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